Design Modeling Workshop (UML)
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Design Modeling Workshop (UML)

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Course Description

Up to a 1 week tailored session with facilitator/mentor to guide participants through activities using the project's assets: requirements (use cases), decisions, models, and CASE tools. The workshop is customized to focus on a single project's needs. The workshop is structured to provide brief mentor presentations of concepts and techniques to refresh student's memory of prior training followed by hands-on modeling using client project assets. Brief workshops build upon classroom training, turning learned concepts into actual skills. Longer workshops will produce project modeling assets that can serve as the project's initial development iteration design model.


Download course objectives via link to PDF at top of page.

Topics Covered

The following artifacts from the project under development are preferred inputs. Similar artifacts from legacy or related projects are also helpful.

  • Use cases (preferred)
  • Other requirements documentation
  • Business or analysis domain class model, system sequence diagrams, and system operation contracts
  • Any existing other analysis, architecture, and design models
  • Data models
  • User interface designs

The scope of outputs depends on length of workshop and activities chosen by the client.

  • Component models at the enterprise or project-level with service-oriented interfaces
  • Class models at the enterprise, project domain, and subsystem levels
  • Component, class, service, and operation specifications
  • Sequence diagrams demonstrating inter-class/component dynamics
  • State models for key classes

Audience and Certification Details

Designers, Architects, System Analysts


IconATG's "Analysis & Design with UML" or "Design with UML"


3-5 days (private, on-site workshop)


Please call (866) 785-4266 for private, on-site pricing.