Business Modeling Using UML
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Business Modeling Using UML

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Course Description

A business model is an abstraction of how a business functions. It models the goals, organization, processes, objects, and events of a business. A business model can tell us how a business functions today or how we plan for it to function in the future. We do business modeling to analyze a business and mold it to meet our business goals. Alternatively, we model pertinent areas of the business to inform a systems development project about the business processes, business objects, and business rules to be automated. This course teaches how to create business models using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Topics Covered

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Write a Business Vision document defining the business strategy and goals of the business.
  • Model business processes and business rules using UML business use case diagrams and business use cases.
  • Model workflow in business processes using UML activity diagrams.
  • Model business objects using UML class diagrams.
  • Model the states of business objects using UML state machine diagrams.

Audience and Certification Details

This course is designed for the business process analysts and business designers who perform business modeling. This course is also of benefit to project managers, systems analysts, and other project roles that are recipients of the artifacts produced.



Students who take this course will also benefit from the following courses:

  • Requirements Elicitation and Facilitation: teaches information elicitation and meeting facilitation techniques that are invaluable throughout business modeling activities
  • Advanced Use Case Lab: teaches advanced concepts and guidelines for writing high quality use cases. While this course is targeted at system use cases, most of the information applies equally well to business use cases.


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