Introduction to Use Cases
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Introduction to Use Cases

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Course Description

This fast-paced, introductory course explores the basic concepts needed to develop use case models and use case specifications for software requirements. You learn how use cases fit into the software development process and how they become the basis for subsequent work such as software design and test case development. Lectures and labs focus on developing, reading, and reviewing use case models and specifications. The need for additional artifacts (such as a business strategy, vision, business process models, supplementary specification or architectural requirements, user interface specification or wireframes, and prototypes) is briefly discussed, however details on the artifacts and related process are not provided in this introductory course.


  • Learn the essential elements of use case models
  • Describe the process for developing use case models and specifications
  • Apply the techniques during labs
  • Describe and practice the process of reviewing use cases
  • Explain where use cases fit into the software development process

Topics Covered

  • Identifying and analyzing actors
  • Fundamentals of developing a use case model
  • Fundamentals of writing use case specifications
  • Why teams choose use cases instead of traditional functional requirement specifications
  • Relationship between use cases and user interfaces, test cases, and other Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams

Audience and Certification Details

This course is designed for project managers, subject matter experts, executives, testers, business analysts, requirements analysts, systems analysts, software designers, architects, information architects, user interface designers, quality assurance engineers, and others who want to understand use cases.




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