User-Centered Design
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User-Centered Design

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Course Description

Everyone wants to build usable software. But how can you really define and achieve usability goals? Which activities and techniques are most effective? What's practical given time and money constraints? In this class, you learn practical user-centered design techniques and usability principles to help you achieve your usability goals. Techniques include developing personas, conducting card sorts, developing wireframes, designing navigation, and several methods for evaluating usability. Students apply principles and techniques throughout the class to develop and improve the user experience for a sample project. You also learn how to fit these techniques into your lifecycle, whether it is waterfall, iterative, or somewhere in between.


  • Understand the benefits of usability-related activities
  • Increase others' awareness of user-centered design and usability techniques
  • Describe a variety of user-centered design techniques
  • Explain usability principles
  • Know how to choose techniques that fit each project's circumstances
  • Apply selected user-centered design techniques within the context of a software or web development project

Topics Covered

  • What information architecture is and how it fits within the project lifecycle
  • Roles and activities involved in user interface and user experience design
  • Principles and techniques used to design usable websites and applications

Audience and Certification Details

This course is designed for those requiring a foundation in user interface design, usability, and user-centered design techniques. These roles often include web or user interface designers, requirements personnel, analysts, software developers, project managers, marketers, testers, and technical writers.

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