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Course Description

This class teaches the fundamental skills that streamline and simplify the software development process through the use of the ClearCase tool. Students learn concepts and specific usage of ClearCase that positively affect development teams and accelerate development cycles. This covers both Base ClearCase and Unified Change Management (UCM).


  • Use of ClearCase in Projects
  • Taking advantage of UCM
  • How to create policy and structures for automated software development processes

Topics Covered

  • Work comfortably and unassisted with the ClearCase tool
  • Understand all major functionality of ClearCase, and how to get help
  • Have a basic understanding and an awareness of best practices in collaborative, parallel development environments
  • Perform checkin/checkout, merging of files and directories, and navigate version trees
  • Use command line interface and GUI tools
  • Understand the major integrations with Commercial IDEs such as Visual Studio, VB, C++

Audience and Certification Details

This course is intended for first-time ClearCase users requiring a practical introduction to the ClearCase commands and operations used everyday.


Familiarity with either Windows or UNIX operating systems. Basic understanding of software development lifecycle methods. Familiarity with version control concepts is beneficial, but not critical.


2 days (private, on-site presentation only)


Please call (866) 426-6871 for details.