Coaching Agile Teams
Build your skills to Discover, Collaborate and Succeed

Coaching Agile Teams

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Course Description

Being an agile coach requires in-depth knowledge, plus an aptitude for helping people reach their potential and transferring knowledge. This course teaches you how to effectively transfer knowledge to others in a way that builds their skills and confidence so that they can work more effectively on their own. In this course you learn and refine coaching techniques to apply with teams at different stages of group development and with various levels of agile skills and acceptance. Throughout this course you will practice making judgment calls, overcoming resistance to change, and applying the soft skills that are the essence of day-to-day coaching activities.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Describe what it means to be a coach and how that role relates to other roles
  • Effectively begin engagements and manage expectations
  • Assess coaching needs
  • Select and use appropriate techniques to guide teams and individuals
  • Prevent, spot, and handle typical coaching challenges
  • Recommend techniques for keeping coaches in sync within your organization

Topics Covered

  1. Coaching Fundamentals
    • What it means to be a coach
    • Relationship to other roles
    • Coaching levels and styles
    • Foundational skills:
      • Listening
      • Observing
      • Asking questions
      • Sharing information
      • Guiding
  2. Facilitating Change
    • Models of change
    • Why resistance exists
    • Optimize the whole
    • Principles and techniques for facilitating agile adoption and continuous improvement
  3. Starting a Coaching Engagement
    • Assess the situation
    • Align goals
    • Agree to an approach
    • Prevent, spot, and handle typical challenges
  4. Coaching Project Initiation
    • Typical coaching activities
    • Coaching large programs
    • Prevent, spot, and handle typical challenges
  5. Coaching Sprints or Iterations
    • Typical coaching activities
    • Prevent, spot, and handle typical challenges
  6. Coaching Reviews and Retrospectives
    • Typical coaching activities
    • Prevent, spot, and handle typical challenges

Audience and Certification Details

This course is intended for new coaches and Scrum Masters who want to develop their abilities to get the most out of individuals and teams working on agile projects.


Some agile experience is preferred. Participants are expected to be familiar with typical agile practices such as planning, estimating, and retrospectives. This course does not teach agile fundamentals.


1 day


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