Rational Team Concert for Developers
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Rational Team Concert for Developers

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Course Description

This hands-on tool training course covers the fundamentals of source control, work items, and streams with Rational Team Concert (RTC). Contact us to customize any section of this course for more detailed coverage.

Topics Covered

At the end of the hands-on course, students will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of working on Eclipse projects that are stored in the Jazz repository
  • Use Rational Team Concert to accomplish typical source control tasks
  • Understand how work items are related to source code changes
  • Recognize how work flow enhances their source development efforts

Audience and Certification Details

This workshop is designed for end users who will use Rational Team Concert to accomplish their daily tasks. These roles include Software developers, testers, interface and human factors designers, database developers, architects, and others responsible for the technical development effort ("technical team").


"Rational Team Concert for Contributors" has all pre-requisites for this course.


1 day


Please call IconATG at (636) 530-7776 ext. 803 for details.