Rational Team Concert for Contributors
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Rational Team Concert for Contributors

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Course Description

This hands-on tool training course covers the fundamentals of work items, as well as interacting with project plans to gain the benefits of work item scheduling with Rational Team Concert (RTC). For developers, we recommend this course, followed by the course, “Rational Team Concert for Developers.”

Topics Covered

At the end of the hands-on course, students will:

  • Understand RTC roles, work flow, and work items
  • Use Rational Team Concert to accomplish typical work item / issue capture and management
  • Understand how to contribute to, and monitor, their personal and team schedules

Audience and Certification Details

This workshop is designed for all team members who will use Rational Team Concert to accomplish their daily tasks: software developers, technical leads, project managers, and others who may do these roles on a part-time basis: testers, interface and human factors designers, database developers, architects, and others responsible for the technical development effort (“technical team”).


The only prerequisite for attendees is software development project experience. A basic knowledge of Eclipse interfaces is helpful. Students can learn about the Jazz platform by visiting the website: www.jazz.net.


1 day; course can be customized based on your specific needs.


Please call IconATG at (636) 530-7776 ext. 803 for details.